Can WSP Opus transform the largest industrial city in the world to a city built for people?

In northern Saudi Arabia, Jubail Industrial City is one of the largest civil engineering projects in the world today, contributing significantly to the Saudi Arabian economy.

While the city may be valuable now, and historically the focus has been about oil, a new perspective sees us looking ahead and planning infrastructure that supports future generations.

Partnering with the Royal Commission of Jubail, with resources from New Zealand, Canada and Australia, WSP Opus was commissioned to develop and implement a system for the city of Jubail to create a city built for people. This includes urban infrastructure such as roads, buildings, parks, irrigation, landscaping, sanitation, utilities, schools and mosques.

WSP Opus has a mission to plan, promote, develop and manage infrastructure for people, which focuses on working with the people and through successful partnerships with investors, employees, communities and other stakeholders. Selling our vision and aligning our thinking with theirs, WSP Opus brings a hands on, innovative approach to the project.

This represents one of our biggest ever Asset Management commissions. It has allowed us to build collaboration from across the globe, together with skills and expertise which can be reproduced in other markets. Adding to the challenge, there is significant diversity amongst both client and contractors in terms of ethnicity, language, education and culture.